Fighting for our town

As a local lad who lives in Eastbourne and was born and bred here, I get what matters to our community. I know what changes we need and deserve, and work hard to bring local people together to campaign for them.

Here are some of my top local priorities:

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Action on the Cost of Living

With the busiest Foodbank in the UK, I led the charge for Eastbourne to be the first in the country to declare a Cost of Living Emergency. The emergency declaration called on the government to implement a Windfall Tax on the super profits of oil and gas giants and made national news. Within days, the government U-turned and introduced a basic Windfall Tax.

My campaign also led to the creation of the UK’s first ‘Cost of Living Emergency Grant Scheme’, a £250,000 Eastbourne Borough Council fund for organisations on the frontline of tackling the cost of living emergency, such as Eastbourne Foodbank.

I also hosted the first ‘Cost of Living Emergency Summit’, bringing together key stakeholders from across the town (such as the Foodbank, Citizens Advice, Age Concern, local schools, and more) to develop local solutions to the cost of living emergency in the face of the government’s neglect of the issue

Campaigning for the new hospital we need

With reports that the government is set to break its pledge of a brand new hospital for Eastbourne, I’m campaigning for the Conservatives to keep their promise for the new hospital our town needs and deserves.

A brand new hospital will put us in the best position to bring back the core services that we’ve shamefully lost to Hastings in recent years

Working to end the sewage in our sea

I’m campaigning for the government to hold Southern Water to account for dumping raw sewage into our sea. Me and my Liberal Democrat team are calling for a Sewage Tax on polluting water companies, and for a ban on their bonuses until they get raw sewage discharges under control.

Our grassroots campaign went national. It forced Southern Water to apologise for their raw sewage discharges and they have already begun taking measures to get a grip

Supporting local charities

We’ve got so many local charities and community groups in every nook and cranny of our town and I’m proud to support them in their life-changing work.

I draw on my background running community organisations in the past to provide fundraising advice, make connections with local movers and shakers, help raise their profile via social media and helping to raise money for them directly – including jumping out of a plane for Eastbourne’s You Raise Me Up charity, raising over £1,000!

Inspiring the next generation

Rather than leaving my medal from The Queen to gather dust, I launched my OBE Schools Roadshow to inspire local school kids.

When sharing my journey with children like Sakura in the photo, my message is: ‘if you dream big, work hard, believe in yourself and get the right support, anything is possible in our town’.

My mission is to make sure that every one gets the support they need to thrive

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My mission is to make sure that everyone gets the support they need to thrive.

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